Friday, 1 April 2016

Seven Quick Takes, episode 8: emptying my pockets, again

It's Friday, so it's time for Seven Quick Takes... I'm not feeling hugely inspired this week, so I thought I'd share some links again.

1. I've confessed my love of reading lists on here before, and this one has some excellent suggestions on it - and I've only read 8 of them. I just can't seem to get on with Dickens, though.

2. Look!
Aren't these fantastic? I really want to have a go at making some one of these days. Patterns here.   
3. I bookmarked quite a few non-Lenten recipes during Lent, and with Easter coming fairly early this year, it's still pretty cold and miserable around here, so I might give some of these a go in the next week or two.

4. Ze Husband and I have a lot (LOT) of trouble agreeing on things to watch. The sheer fact that there is a Vatican film list is simply brilliant - I think we may have to work our way through it. As an added bonus, one of my two favourite films of all time (The Mission) is on there. I'm not telling anybody what the other one is, it's a bit embarassing.

5. I'm not a big jewellery person, but the bird/branch/peapod necklaces from this Etsy shop are very, very cute. Husband (or anyone likely to be consulted by said husband re. gift ideas), please take note.

6.  When the UK property market is getting me down (i.e. most of the time), I like to go window-shopping here - it turns out there are actually some places where we could afford to buy a decent house. With land. And outbuildings. Also, I am a little bit in love with this house.

7.  Finally, I'm sure many of you saw this when it first did the rounds, but it's still pretty amazing.

And on that note... happy Friday! 

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  1. That's a great list of British reads. I've read 7. I have a hard time getting into Dickens too. What is it, do you think??

    And just love those saint cross-stitch patterns!!

    1. I have a few theories about Dickens, but I suspect it's mostly to do with his characters being a bit "larger-than-life" - maybe I'm just too introverted to deal with them ;-)