Friday, 29 April 2016

Seven Quick Takes, Episode 10: in which it SNOWS. In APRIL.

1. So this is me on Monday:


and this is me today:

'nuff said.

2. In other news, my children had me up SIX TIMES last night. SIX. I kid you not. The baby was only responsible for one of those, although she did vomit milk all over me and the sheets, so she was obviously going for quality over quantity.

3. We're going adventuring this weekend! Monday is a public holiday here, so we're going away for a couple of days. Weather and children permitting, we may be going puffin spotting. Puffins = good. Toddlers on boats = not so much.

4.It's my name-day today! Well, one of them. Name days are a slightly bigger deal in France than in the English-speaking world. St Catherine of Alexandria is celebrated on 25th November and there are quite a few traditions involving unmarried women over the age of 25 and silly hats, so people know about that one. I have a slight preference for St Catherine of Sienna, so I may have to eat ice cream to celebrate. Or something.

5. Aaaaaand between takes 4 and 5, the two-year-old decided he needed to wee, like, RIGHT NOW in the middle of the office (I say "middle". I actually mean "the two square feet between my desk and Ze Husband's desk"). Jenny, that one's for you. No pirate ships here, alas.

6. I've been shoe shopping again! Being Rather Small has its advantages, notably the fact that I can wear children's shoes (which are taxed differently than adults' shoes, and are generally cheaper). I bought these from Vertbaudet:

I do like Vertbaudet. A LOT. Most of my maternity clothes come from there. They have actual stores in France, so I've had chance to try things on, but they do mail order in the UK. If anyone fancies giving them a try, they're offering £15 off and free delivery on orders of £29 or more to new customers with code 4510. (This is not a sponsored post, or an affiliate link, I just got a recommendy-leaflet with my shoes ;-) )

7. aaaaaaaaand I've run out of things to talk about. I shall make the most of only having one child at home and awake (Mx is at nursery this morning and Es is asleep) and go and read a book clean the living room. Grrrr'hmph.

Happy weekend!

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  1. So many of a mom's quick takes revolve around urine... sorry about that. And I know exactly how you feel when you're woken up a bazillion times in a night, which would be understandable but most of the time it WASN'T the baby! Hope you get a nap today.