That hymn list

...being a non-exhaustive list of hymns I just can't play without getting a fit of the giggles. I haven't reached the stage of being able to play and concentrate on keeping a straight face at the same time yet.

1. God's Spirit is in my Heart. This one firmly belongs in the "Mass: The Musical" category. Also, some friends and I may have written new words to it at one point (So go, tell, Father Tim/There's always a chance they might listen to him....). And that's without the temptation to shout "You can SEEEEEEEE!" in the middle.

2. Abba, Abba Father. Because it sounds like Chariots of Fire and I can't help imagining the priest sprinting up the aisle in slow motion.

3. Lord of the Dance. 'Nuff said.

4. Look Around You (Kyrie). There is a place for wacky timing. Mass is not it.

5. There's a Time for Remembering. There is treasure in our fields/There is treasure in our sky/There is treasure in our dreaming/From the soul to the eye...  Sorry, WHAT?

6. Go, the Mass is Ended. Why yes, it is ended. That doesn't mean we get to change the church into a fairground attraction, though...

7. Follow Me, follow me, leave your homes and familyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...
(ok, ok, it's not that bad. I will actually play this one on occasion).

8. Shine, Jesus, Shine. I have to play this on a fairly regular basis for school Masses. It's not that bad in and of itself, but I once heard it sung by a French choir with reeeeally terrible accents... du coup I can't help singing along with said accent in my head.

9. O Lord, All the World Belongs to You (Turning the World Upside Down). Why would we want to do that? WHY? (I get the sentiment,  

to be continued...

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