Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Five Favourites: Books for Girls

I wrote a "Five Favourites" book post for boys a while back, so it only seemed fair I should do a list for girls, too. Age-wise, I'm thinking 7+, and I've tried to come up with a few lesser-known books.  Obviously, there's nothing to stop boys from reading them, but most of these have been written with a female audience in mind.

So, without further ado...

1. Louisa May Alcott, An Old-Fashioned Girl.

Much less well-known than Little Women, but I remember really liking it. It's in the public domain, too.

2. Susan Coolidge, Clover.

One of the later books in the What Katy Did series (all public domain). It just about works as a stand-alone book without having read the others.

3. Alison Uttley, A Traveller in Time.

One of my absolute favourites - and not as well-known as it deserves to be, in my opinion. My daughter will be getting a copy of this as soon as she's old enough to read it.

4. E. Nesbit, Five Children and It.

Not the best-known of Nesbit's books, but well worth reading. Also out of copyright.
This is the first volume in a series, and I suspect it will appeal to boys as much as girls.
There's at least one BBC TV adaptation.

5. Dodie Smith, 101 Dalmatians.

Most people have seen the film; few have read the book, which, in my opinion, is every bit as good. There's also at least one sequel (The Twilight Barking).

I could go on, but then there'd be more than five... maybe I should do a "part 2" sometime!

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