Hello! Welcome to The Accidental Organist - thanks for stopping by!

 (I wasn't feeding the baby alcohol. Promise).

I'm Catherine: thirty-something, wife to Ze Husband, mother to les gnefants (girl-boy-girl: Mx (4 1/2), R (2 1/2) and Es (11 months).)

I'm a Catholic, mostly stay-at-home mother, with a sideline in French to English translation. Ze Husband is French, and we're raising the children to be bilingual - French at home, English outside. 

We currently live in a small cosy house in the North of England. I also play the organ (badly) for Sunday morning mass at our parish.

Likes: books (lots of books), anything food-related, costume drama, BBC Radio 4, babies (obviously), craft projects, music, looking at aubergines (eggplants, for those of you on the other side of the Atlantic).

Dislikes: milk, yelling, being in a confined space with too many people, the early stages of pregnancy, actually eating aubergines.  

I used to write at www.nomorepenguins.blogspot.co.uk until life got in the way, but a lot has changed since then!

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