Thursday, 31 March 2016

The Year of Finishing Projects, ep. 3

This one has been a while coming...

These are my children's Easter outfits (dresses for the girls, and a waistcoat (US: vest) for R. I only made the fox-print stuff, obviously. 

I used the Prudent Baby Snappy Toddler Shirt pattern (free!) for the dresses - I just extended them to dress length. I also lined mine because I had some lining going spare, and it saved having to use bias binding around the arm-holes. The pattern is really clear, very quick and pretty fun to sew! Just make sure you get the print size right (there are clear instructions on the website). Mx's dress was actually a bit big, so it should do her for a couple of years. 

The waistcoat/vest pattern is here  - also free, also fantastic. I only used two fabrics (lining and foxes) because I wanted the back the same as the front. I only used two buttons - three seemed too many for the age 2 version - and topstitched all around the edges for a sharper finish. 

I'd love to see what anyone else has been making recently - feel free to leave links in the comments !

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