Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Five Favourites: Veg Box edition

Wednesday is veg box day around here (as well as being Five Favourites day, obviously), so I'm surprised I haven't written about it before now...

We get our box delivered from Riverford Organic (and if you're in the UK and decide to give them a try, quote our customer number - 598186 - for a free cookbook and a free 4th box, and to help us earn free vegetables. Ta!). They do a variety of different box types and sizes, so there's something for everyone. So - why go the way of the vegbox?

1. Less food shopping. There are few things I enjoy less than supermarket shopping, especially with small people in tow. Having a weekly delivery of fresh produce means I only have to do a "big" shop once a month (we freeze milk and bread, and buy extra fruit from the corner shop as needed). 

2. Organic, seasonal produce. Deliveries come direct from a local farm, which is part of a larger franchise, meaning that we receive a greater variety than a single farm could provide. The franchise also includes a couple of farms in France and Spain which supply various items slightly earlier than we'd otherwise get them.

3. Price. Ok, the box probably costs a little bit more than I'd normally spend on veg (our usual is around £17.50, including free delivery). However, I know that we're getting good-quality stuff, and we're also getting more veg than I'd usually buy, meaning that we eat less of other things. 

4. The culinary challenge. I must admit, I sometimes struggle to find things to do with all of the ingredients, but I always get there in the end, and we've made a few exciting discoveries along the way! (Wild garlic, anyone?)

5. Supporting producers and reducing food waste. As anyone who's been following the British media recently will know, supermarkets are pretty nasty to their suppliers, particularly vegetable farmers, and a lot of food is being wasted just because it doesn't meet stringent cosmetic criteria. This way, we're supporting farmers and eating the poor, maligned ugly vegetables. Go ugly vegetables!

(Not that they're that ugly, actually).

Here's what we got this week...

Mushrooms, salad leaves, spring greens, pointed peppers, broccoli, parsnips, leeks, spring onions and broad (fava) beans. It all comes in a box, which gets reused, and all packaging is picked up for recycling by the drivers. Win-win all round, really.

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  1. Send me a list of your veggies and I'll give you some ideas.

    I was thinking of contributing as a Catholic Chef so I might turn it into a blog.
    Wild garlic is brilliant in all sorts of dishes but my award winning dish is Pea & Wild Garlic Mousse with Tempura Asparagus

  2. Wow, that sounds amazing! Thanks for the offer of ideas - if you have any tips for dealing with celery, they'd be greatly appreciated ;-)
    (Aside from the celery backlog, this week's veg aren't too tricky, especially since my children don't see anything wrong with me putting parsnips in their apple compote... ah, innocence!)

  3. Try I like celery washed, cut in sections 6cm long then spread cream cheese into the hollow and top with a walnut.

  4. We have occasionally gotten a CSA (community supported agriculture) box for a season from a local farm, which sounds similar. We don't know ahead of time what's going to be in it, and they give us the ugly produce and all. I like it for all the reasons you listed, but it's also difficult for me because I'm not good at just throwing together what tastes good (that would be my husband, too bad he's not the one who stays home full-time and does the cooking!) Cooking with what I have, versus figuring out what recipes I'm making and specifically buying those ingredients, is harder for me.