Friday, 8 April 2016

Seven Quick Takes, Episode 9: In which the Easter holidays are nearly over

Happy 7QTday, everybody!

This week was the second week of the Easter holidays here (which seem to have gone on FOR EVER), so I've been trying to find things to do with the small people, with varying levels of success. Highlights from our fortnight-of-chaos have included:

1. Trampoline Toddlers with les gnenfants this morning. It made everyone need a nap after lunch, which is a Good Thing.

2. Making jam tarts. Everything got a bit sticky, but then, everything was sticky anyway. I'm pretty sure under-5s just ooze stickiness from every orifice (or is it their pores? Have I been hearing "keep your sticky paws off that" all these years when people have really been talking about sticky pores? Hmmmm).

3. Going for a ride through the car wash, because cleaning the car and toddler entertainment are, in fact, a pretty good combination. 

4. Leaving the big two at Granny's last weekend to go up to Edinburgh for a christening. It was AMAZING. Christenings during Mass always get a big thumbs up from us, but this was in a particularly special place, with a particularly special bunch of people. The chapel was packed, and everyone sang. Loudly. And in four-part harmony, which is just par for the course with this lot. 

I can't find non-copyright pictures of the chapel, but have a look here. Seriously, it's AMAZING. (Yes, in capital letters and all).

5. We started Es on solids last week, and now there's no stopping her. These babies can EAT. She especially likes banana. It's also meant she's sleeping better - she's only been up for food once a night for the last few days. Long may it continue!

6. Chocolate. Lots of chocolate. I think this year may be the last time les gnenfants don't know EXACTLY how much chocolate each person got for Easter, so, in true terrible-parent style, Ze Husband and I are making the most of it while it lasts (mwahahahahahaha. Ahem.)

7. Reading! Weirdly, I've had more time to read over the last two weeks than I usually do when Mx is at nursery. I suspect it's got something to do with her not needing a nap, and me trying to convince her that quiet time in the middle of the day is important, even for big people. Whatever the reason behind it, I'm enjoying it.

Happy weekend, z'internets!

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