Friday, 4 March 2016

Seven Quick Takes, ep. 6: in which it snows

So this happened:

It's the first time we've had snow that's stuck this winter. Yes, in March. Yay for British weather.
--- 2 ---
Talking of snow, I can actually "hear" if it's snowed when I wake up - there's just a different quality to the ambient noise. Does anyone else get this, or am I just weird? (Wait. Don't answer that.)

--- 3 ---
I finally found my rosary! We're a Catholic family, so of course we have quite a few rosaries stashed in various places around the house, but I'm rather attached to this particular one - I might write a post about it some day. I'd lost track of its whereabouts just after ze baby was born in October and I was afraid I'd left it somewhere in the hospital, but after a quick word with St Anthony, it turned up last night under my bedside table.

--- 4 ---
In an attempt to restore some semblance of order, I've boxed up all of our "big-kid books" to store in the attic until next time we move. Our eldest child is 4, but we have a slightly ridiculous number of books for when they're all a bit older. 
In the interests of full disclosure, these boxes have been waiting in the hallway for over a week. I'm typing small because I'm rather embarassed.   
--- 5 ---
Kelly asked us to share why we blog this week. I first started blogging when I was (sporadically) unemployed after finishing my master's degree and needed to do something to keep my brain from becoming dormant. I've recently started blogging again in the interests of maintaining my sanity  communicating with OTHER ADULT HUMAN BEINGS from time to time. It's going well so far. 

--- 6 ---
It's Mothers' Day in the UK this Sunday. Mx thinks this means I get to go to soft play/ trampolining/ on a bouncy castle with all the other mamas. I hope she's not too disappointed when she finds out it's more about flowers.
--- 7 ---
Aaaaaaand it's nearly time for me to retrieve Mx from nursery (or, in her eyes, cruelly tear her away from her bestfriendeverinthewholeworldevereverever for FOUR WHOLE DAYS) so I'd best start getting snow clothes on the little two.

Happy weekend, the internets!
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  1. Phillip and I both saved our favorite books (and we both read WAY too much when we were kids) so we have several similar boxes!

  2. Is it actually POSSIBLE to read too much? ;-)
    Thankfully, a lot of my favourite children's books are still at my parents' house (shhh, nobody tell them), and Ze Husband's are all at HIS parents'... I'm both looking forward to and dreading the day they all arrive here!