Thursday, 10 March 2016

The Pursuit of Yellow Stickers

What with weekly veg deliveries an' all, I usually manage to avoid doing a big supermarket shop more than once a month. We do have to go to the shop around the corner for top-ups of fruit, though (and occasionally milk, depending on how fast we run down the stock in the freezer - if Ze Husband is on a cereal kick, things can go downhill fast).

I tend to keep an eye open for yellow stickers (i.e. short date reductions) when I go shopping - there are often a fair few in the bread section of our local Spar, so if there are products I might by anyway, I bring them home to freeze.

Today's haul was not at all bad:

£6.15 of bread products for £1.52 - so about 75% off. That should help pay for our expensive book habit... and the vast numbers of bananas my children eat on a daily basis!


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