Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Ten signs you might be a Catholic parent

  1. You've had to explain the difference between "missel" and "missile" on more than one occasion.
  2. Your toddler has been known to wander round the house singing to herself... in Latin.
  3. You spend at least ten minutes a week thinking up witty responses to "gosh, you've got your hands full!"
  4. Your house contains more rosaries than pairs of matching socks.
  5. You get a huge kick when your child yells "AMEN!" at the RIGHT point during Mass. (Oh. Wait. That usually happens during the sermon...)
  6. Somewhere in your house, you have a collection of blessed palms that you can't throw away and forget to take for burning before Ash Wednesday every year.
    Look familiar?
  7. You find Jesus at least once a week - often under the fridge.
  8. Your children have informed you that only THEY need biscuits after Mass, because "YOU got to eat Jesus bread".
  9. You've had to tell your children off for putting the heirloom Christening gown on a stuffed animal... AGAIN.
    Exhibit A.
  10. Last time the vacuum cleaner stopped working, it was because there was a glow-in-the-dark Virgin Mary stuck in the filter.


  1. That was funny. Not that many of those things happened to me with my nine children. Obviously not catholic enough...


    1. ... or maybe you just escaped some of the wierder bits? ;-)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Love your list! My 2-year-old recently started saying "choo choo" after all the "amens" in church because after the final prayer he goes to nursery where he plays with the train table.

    1. haha, I like that one! We often get "juice'nabiscuit?" off ours after the final blessing when we go to my parents' church, because they often have a short social thing afterwards...

  3. Ha ha yes I have noticed some of these signs, Kayleigh can be singing/humming the final hymn over and over all day on Sundays, which is sweet initially but tiring after a while, and during the eucharistic part of mass, whilst colouring, she will say what father says without realising it, "He took the bread and said ..." When we moved in September I found loads of old palms all over the place!Will be cheering with glee the year I finally remember to bring them to church ahead of Ash Wednesday ha ha

  4. Damien has started putting ours in the barbecue so they'll get burnt at some point this summer. I'm not sure what implications that has for the food though ^^