Friday, 11 March 2016

Seven Quick Takes, ep.7: "chin up" edition

seven quick takes friday 2 

I am SO glad this week is nearly over, people. I don't want to be wishing my life away, but... whew. Mx and R were awake very early this morning, so they were pretty hard work by nap time. On that note, I'm going to stop complaining and find seven good things that happened this week.

1. Mx has recently started doing 20-30 minutes of "school" after nap time, and we've made some real progress on her reading this week. She was just a month too young to start school last September, but she's definitely ready, so we're doing odd bits of work at home. I don't imagine homeschooling in the long run, though - aside from anything else, Mx needs to be around other people All. The. Time, and I think school is the best thing for her. We'll see how it goes.

2. R is talking more and more. Most of his words are in French, but he does know a few in English, too. He also enjoys using them. We went to Mass this morning after dropping Mx off at nursery and he had a lovely time shouting "aaaaa-MEN! aaaaa-MEN! aaaaaaaaaaa-MEN!" all through the sermon. (Thankfully, the morning mass people are used to my children... I don't think it distracts them too much any more).

3. I finally got a neurology referral for a problem I've had since I was ten. Yes, this has taken a long time - not helped by the fact that our family GP thought I was just looking for attention as a teenager and told me to go and take some paracetamol. If any of you have experienced nerve pain of any kind, you will know why I wanted to throw things at him. 

4. Go and read Jenny's More Poems by Babies post. Go. Now. I'll still be here when you get back. It cheered up my Tuesday no end... and got me thinking about other things babies might write. Watch this space.

5. We're going up to Glasgow this weekend. A lot of our old chaplaincy friends have had babies recently, and group social events have got a whole lot easier now we're not the only ones who need to be in bed by 9.30 (yes, that's PM, not AM*). One of said babies is getting christened, hence the group convergence on Glasgow - and since Mx's godmother lives up there too, we're making the most of the chance to see her.

(*Scottish licensing laws are pretty liberal. Nights out there have been known to end at 9.30 am. Not mine, you understand, but... the possibility is there).

6. It's SUNNY! 

7. Two of my three children are asleep IN THEIR OWN BEDS at the same time. The baby is sitting on my knee and intermittently gnawing the edge of the desk/drooling on my leg. Not bad for 2.15 on a Friday.

That's all, folks - more 7QT over at Kelly's!

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