Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Year of Finishing Projects, ep. 2

So I found this fabric...

Hard to resist, right? DUCKS!

My grandad ("Great Maddad", as my children call him) was in need of some new pyjamas, and being fairly elderly, he has some pretty fixed ideas of what he likes (drawstrings) and dislikes (jersey fabric, elasticated waistbands, sparrows and moles, amongst other things).

And so...

(Kindly modelled by Ze Husband, so I could check the leg length. They were about a foot too long; whilst being of similar build, Great Maddad is significantly shorter). 

The sewing machine cut out just as I got to the buttonholes, so I had to go to my parents' to finish them, resulting in a three-hour argument with Mam's sewing machine - like all sewing machines, it has its own little quirks, and I'd forgotten how to get round them.

I'm thinking of using the offcuts to make R some matching ones once the sewing machine is fixed...

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