Friday, 19 February 2016

Seven Quick Takes, episode 4: In which it DOESN'T RAIN

Friday = Seven Quick Takes. That's just how it is around here.

1. I'm pretty sure it HASN'T RAINED here this week! (That's kind of a Big Thing around here, even in summer). Our lawn is still squelchy, but the water doesn't come up over the tops of our shoes each time we set foot on it. This is progress.

2. Ze Husband took the big kids out on Saturday afternoon in search of something. They didn't find it, so he ordered it off Amazon, and it arrived on Sunday (he has Prime. I still can't get my head round things being delivered on a Sunday. It turned out to be a box of Kapla, which is widespread in France, but virtually unheard of in the UK. It also turned out not to be for the children, as I discovered when I came down after putting the baby to bed on Sunday evening...

"Go forth, and make disciples of all nations..."
It's basically a load of identical wooden blocks which you stack in various ways in order to make things.

A couple more pictures (from the outside):


We named the church Notre Dame des Pins (Our Lady of the Pine Trees). It survived for about thirty seconds after the children got up the following morning.

3. Being off sugar for Lent is HARD. I've been eating a lot of fruit to try and make up for it (I'm still feeding the baby at the moment, so I need the energy), but it isn't quite the same. Also, Granny sent cake.

4. It was half term this week, meaning I had all three children home, nearly all of the time. I know this is normal for some families, but I just cannot even BEGIN to see how they deal with it. Mx, in particular, needs to be around people all of the time, and just doesn't get that no, I can't stand around waiting for her to finish on the toilet when the toddler is trying to repaint the bathroom toothpaste and the baby needs feeding. Aaaaaaaarghhhhh.

5. On a similar note, I'm trying to work out how to manage when naps don't happen. The big two are in bunk beds now, and Mx stops R from going to sleep, then the pair of them tend to empty a wardrobe and a couple of drawers of clothes onto the floor. Not good, people. Not good. Suggestions?

6. I just found out that the mass setting our parish uses - with a Gloria which spreads over 6 pages of A4 photocopies and falls off the organ on a regular basis - was actually in the back of the hymn books all along. This represents a HUGE improvement to my organist-quality-of-life! (I'm not a huge fan of the mass setting itself, but that's another issue for another day).

7. No, I think I'll have to stop at six quick takes for this week. I'm seriously lacking inspiration, and my son is whacking me around the head with a reflective cycling armband... which I think means he loves me, but I'm not 100% sure.

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  1. I'm impressed that you're able to blog while chasing around the littles!
    Chin'll get better! :)

  2. Thanks! In the interests of full disclosure, the toddler only woke up halfway through point 6... ;-)