Monday, 8 February 2016

Hymns of the Week: 1st Sunday of Lent, Year C

Lent is on its way... so it's out with the Alleluias, and in with the penitential hymns! (Among other things, of course. We can't JUST sing about being sorry, after all - we need to praise God for his mercy, too).

Entrance: God of Mercy and Compassion (the version in our hymn book is not the one I'm used to - I suspect this version is newer. The lyrics are nice, but, well, it's not quite the same...)
Offertory: My song is Love Unknown (it's Valentine's Day, a bit of Love seemed appropriate!)
Communion: Be Not Afraid
Recessional: Be Thou My Vision (one of my all-time favourites).
Comments and suggestions welcome, as usual!

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