Thursday, 11 February 2016

Mxed out

Life round here has been pretty hectic recently. Ze Husband has been working away a LOT, and I'm still working out how to do this whole three-children thing. The four-year-old is particularly difficult at the moment, but sometimes you just have to laugh...

On that note, a few pearls of "wisdom" from Mx this week:

"I'm going to do my toothpaste myself. And you are NOT my mother".

(to R) "Eat your tea right now or I'm going to put you in jail". (This one was in English, and we usually speak French at home, so I suspect she picked that one up at preschool...)

Me: "I don't want to see you doing that with your teeth, you could damage them".
Mx: "I haven't damaged my teeth".
Me: "I still don't want to see you doing it".
Mx: "Well I'll wait til you've gone away then".

(Following Mass on Ash Wednesday): " God is going to come down from the sky, and djzhum the baddies, and then make Jesus' nasty bobos [hurts] better, and then we'll all go to Heaven on an aeroplane". (One of the words for heaven in French is le ciel, litt. the sky, and that's the one she used - hence the aeroplane).

 Charming, isn't she? ;-)

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