Friday, 26 February 2016

Seven Quick Takes, ep. 5: Emptying my Pocket(s)

I've been using the Pocket add-on for Firefox since before it was called Pocket. It's a great way of saving things to read later, but somehow, I tend to forget that part... 
For today's 7QT, I've sifted through the 37 (37!) pages of links I haven't read yet to bring you some highlights.

I find colouring to be quite a meditative experience, to the point where I've used it as an aid to prayer in the past: having something to do with my hands helps to focus my mind. From a more practical perspective, my kids love it if I'm doing "my" colouring whilst they do theirs! Hobbycraft are offering a number of free colouring pages for adults, so if you haven't tried it yet, why not give it a go?

Today's readings at Mass focused on themes of greed and jealousy. I think the time has come for me to read this article on St John of the Cross and overcoming self-love, "the biggest enemy of mercy".

I've always been a "list" person - for me, few things are more satisfying than crossing something off a list. Combine that with a love of reading, and you get one of my favourite things: reading lists. This one has a lot of things I haven't read on it, and covers a broad range of themes.  

Kendra's reflections on Luke 17:11-19  at Blessed is She really hit a nerve when I first read them, to the point where I saved the article to come back to. We do a lot of thinking about family size around here at the moment, and it's fascinating to see how that works for other people.
It can be hard to carve out specific times for prayer whilst herding toddlers 24/7. 10 really short prayers to say during the day offers some great ways to build prayer into our daily routine.

On a completely unrelated note, potatoes.
This video by the former British Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, looks fascinating. I've only seen the first five minutes (like I said, toddlers), but it's on my list for next time I have a quiet half-hour (hopefully before 2023...)

Happy weekend, internets!

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  1. I'm pretty excited that people are jumping on the "adult coloring book" bandwagon! I've always loved coloring books & coloring pages, no matter what age I am. But, since not ever person feels as comfortable taking crayons to a little kid coloring book as I am, I think it's nice that the adult coloring books exist to cater to all sorts of people! (Plus, they look awesome and get so in-depth! If I was better at coloring inside the lines, I would totally use one of those). Thanks for linking up today!

    1. Heehee! I've always liked colouring in, too - I'm the one at the parent and toddler groups sat colouring "with" my children, but on my own sheet that they're not. allowed. to. touch... ;-)