Friday, 12 February 2016

Seven Quick Takes, episode 3: in which spring is sort-of sprung, and the sewing machine is STILL broken

Goooood morning the Internets! It's Friday, which means it's time for Seven Quick Takes...

seven quick takes friday 2 

1. Lent is now upon us! This year, we're going vegetarian, and I'm cutting out added sugar. I tried the sugar thing last year, but I was first-trimester-pregnant, and the only things that helped me feel a bit less nauseous had sugar in them, sooooo... that didn't last long. I suspect Ze Husband will be more affected by the meat thing than I am (he eats out a lot for work), so good luck to him.

2. Read this. Please. Then share it with ten other people or you'll have bad luck every third Sunday when the moon is full (wait. This isn't some dodgy chain email). Brilliant.

3. We're probably a few years behind the rest of the world on this one, but Ze Husband and I have just started watching 30 Rock. It's fantastic.

4. We're going to the zoo tomorrow! Woooooo! My parents got us an annual family pass for Christmas - an amazing not-stuff present if ever there was one.

5. So this happened in our garden this week: 

Followed closely by this:

It's been a very mild winter, so the plants have decided it's Spring. In February. We're just hoping there won't be another cold snap to damage the plants.

6. My sewing machine is still not fixed, which somewhat limited the opportunities for finishing projects this week...


We're trying the bean jar technique in an attempt to improve the 4YO's behaviour at meal times. If she eats with her hands, yells at the table, rocks her chair,  pokes her brother with a fork or similar, a bean will move from the "happy" jar to the "sad" jar. No beans left in the happy jar at the end of the day? No dessert. We'll see how it goes.

Thanks to Kelly for hosting again!

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