Friday, 5 February 2016

Seven Quick Takes, ep. 2: Photo edition!

I was having a play with the camera earlier this week, and decided to take a few pictures of things in our house which make me smile...


This dapper pair, by the very talented Ruth Green. We found them at a printmakers exhibition (PrintFest) and couldn't resist.



The string snail. He lived in Ze Husband's grandparents' kitchen for many years. Now, he lives with us.

The aptly-named Fluffy Mouse - Mx's favourite soft toy. We thought it was a boy, until it requested a dress and matching slippers (which are now somewhere at the bottom of the toy box). Mx helped make the dress, then Fluffy Mouse made her a matching skirt with the same fabric whilst she was asleep ;-)


Meet François-Régis (who would have been very jealous had I posted a picture of FM without one of him, too). Named after a French Jesuit saint - we thought it suited him. FR is R's special friend.


The Holy Family... with llamas! Probably meant to be for Christmas, but we leave it out all year round, because, well, llamas. (Llamas are a Thing in my family. I'll tell you about it sometime).

6. I've run out of useable pictures (no photgraphy skills, terrible light here at the moment, etc.),bringing this photo-dump to a merciful end! ;-)

7. R is trying on all of my shoes as I type. The boy LOVES to dress up. 

Happy weekend, the Internets!  

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  1. All of those things are so cute. I can see why they make you happy. :)
    ...out of curiosity, what do you use the string snail for?

    1. Well... the string isn't particularly strong (it's ancient) and the scissors/antennae aren't particularly sharp, so it's mostly decorative ;-).
      That said, we did use some of the string last year for tying up bunches of thyme and mint, which then got hung from our kitchen light fitting to dry! The kitchen smelt amazing for a few days each time...