Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Year of Finishing Projects, ep. 4: Superhero cape!

I haven't had much time for making things of late, but les gnenfants and I were at a loose end yesterday afternoon, and we had the car, so we went to the fabric shop in search of something sparkly to make a superhero/princess/fairy/witch cape/cloak for their cousin's birthday next week. 

We found this fabric:

Not only was it exactly what we were looking for, it was also a roll-end remnant, and, wonder of wonders, the way the fabric is constructed meant I only needed to hem ONE EDGE. One edge, people!

I folded the top over twice and sewed it down using a zigzag stitch (the fabric is stretchy, a straight stitch wouldn't have worked as well) to make a casing, then sewed a tube from the offcuts and turned it to make a tie strip, which I then threaded through the casing. A couple of stitches to hold the ties in place, and voili voilou*... one superhero cape!

Cape/cloak kindly modelled by M, who is about a foot shorter than the intended recipient.
In real life, she does not have facial hair OR a hat the size of Mars. She is also a foot shorter than the intended recipient.

*voili voilou: an "voila", which I am currently refusing to use because I can't find the accents on my new keyboard, and that word without the accent on the a BURNS MY EYES.

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