Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Five Favourites: New Baby Gifts

Happy Wednesday, the internets!

I've had a couple of weeks off from Five Favourites whilst work things got a bit more settled, but the translatory-stuff is going pretty well, so here we go again!

Ze Husband and I are just at that stage in life where all of our friends are starting to have babies (we got a bit of a head start), which is pretty amazing, since now everyone else *needs* to be in bed by 10 pm too, so social events are getting earlier/more family-friendly/etc. Also, pregnancy is a whole different kettle of fish if two or three of your best friends are pregnant at the same time (between the multiple pregnant women, new babies, two obstetricians and an anesthetist, I think we pretty much terrified the menfolk at our last big get-together).

(Returns three hours later) So, yes, where were we?  

New baby presents! I'm thinking outside the box here - baby clothes are lovely, yes, but they grow out of them SO FAST, and by the time you're on your second/third/fourth/ninth, you probably have a pretty decent supply.

1. Steak.
Yes, I said steak.
The baby has milk, nappies and parents that love it. The parents... well, the parents don't know what's hit them, and a little treat for them might be just what the doctor ordered. New mothers need plenty of iron, right? ;-)
We buy mail-order meat for special occasions from I have been assured that the steak is awesome.

2. Something useful... BEFORE the baby comes.
This one is pretty good for first babies, especially if you know the parents and their tastes quite well. Get something they'll need, but a nice version - funky muslin squares, or exciting nappy cream (yes, that's a Thing), or a really soft blanket... you get the picture.

3. Time. If you live close enough and know the family well enough, offering to come and cuddle the baby for a bit whilst the parents do something else, then making sure they take you up on it instead of being "polite", would be a nice idea.

4. A reading light. If you have a tiny baby sleeping next to your bed, reading after small-person-lights-out is a no-no. Reliable sources inform me that most babies won't react to a clip-on book light type thing. I'm in the process of acquiring one myself, so I'll keep you posted.

5. Cake. Can't go wrong with cake. Unless you feed it directly to the new baby, in which case yes, you can go wrong. Step awaaaaay from the baby.

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  1. Oooh, these are great ideas! I love how you think. :) Thanks for linking up with 5 Faves this week!