Friday, 13 May 2016

Seven Quick Takes, Episode 12: in which there are unexpected flowers

It's Friday ... it's 7.30... it's still Number One... it's... Seven Quick Takes.
Anyone having grown up in the UK in the 1990s will understand where that came from. If not, I apologise.


1. Look!

Our sprout plant flowered. We had no idea it would do that (well, we suspected it might flower, but we assumed they'd be pretty discreet things). We didn't harvest it this winter because we hoped the sprouts might get a little bit bigger... but they never did.

2. It's the BBC Young Musician final this weekend. This is Kind Of A Big Deal in music-geek land over here, and even more so this year because a friend of my sister's is on it. If you can get iPlayer, watch the semi-final - even if classical music "isn't your thing". Look for the girl with the saxophone. She'll have you hooked from the first note. Also, I think she's going to do some pretty great things for classical sax playing, which is a definite good point in my books.

3.  Shoes! (again. Ahem.)

The postman has been giving me funny looks this week - I've been ebay shopping, and we've had quite a few parcels. Having had three children since I last really went shopping for summer clothes, I've had to renew my stocks... and pass a lot of things I really loved on to my much slimmer sister. I hope she likes them too, then I'll still get to see them from time to time.

4. Es is attempting to crawl... we've not had a crawling baby since we've lived in this house (R was a shuffler), so some baby-proofing may be required over the next few weeks. Hmmmmm.

5. We planted a tomato plant outside this year. If you know anything about the northern UK climate, you will realise how ridiculously optimistic this is. Also, given the state of said tomato plant after R "helped" me with it, I will be absolutely amazed if we get any fruit off it.

6. Mx went and wrote a WORD! on her OWN! Anyone guess what it is? (Tip: try sounding it out. This is what happens when you learn to read phonetically...)

7. On that note, nap time is almost over and Mx is requesting baked beans for snack time, so I need to go and talk some sense into her. Also, it's 3pm and I still haven't brushed my hair today. Oh well.

Happy weekend, the internets!

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  1. I love phonetic spelling. I'm constantly having to sound out my kids' words so I know what they're saying!