Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The "new" Saint Anthony Hymn (NSFC)

NSFC: Not Safe For Church. Just in case you were wondering...
(there's nothing scandalous or heretical in it, it's just not Mass material!)

To the tune of Christ be our Light

Where are my keys? I thought I had them
Now they're not here, and I'm locked out
No-one will be home until tea-time
Help me, St. Anthony...

Saint Anthony, finder of keys, purses and wallets
Saint Anthony, help find our stuff, show us the way

Where is my phone? Not in my handbag
Don't know the time, I can't call home
Without my phone, my life is chaos
Help me, St. Anthony...


Where is my wife? Not where I left her
Asda is huge - where can she be?
Without her here, I'll just buy ice-cream
Help me, St. Anthony...


Feel free to use as you see fit (for non-commercial ends only ;-) )

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