Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Hymns of the Week: 11th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year C

This week is a bit different here since we're celebrating our parish patronal feast day (St Anthony) on Sunday. So:

Entrance: For all the Saints
Offertory: I heard the Voice of Jesus Say (the congregation don't know this one very well, but it's one of my Absolute Favourites of All Time, and the choir have learnt it, so it's a good opportunity to introduce it)
Communion: Soul of my Saviour (I know, this one can elicit groans from the younger generation - but if it's done well, i.e. not in a dirge-like manner, it really is very lovely)
Recessional:St Anthony Hymn (to the tune of Christ be our Light. I suspect this is a parish exclusive).

Coming soon: a new version of the St Anthony Hymn, not quite... reverent enough for Mass, but possibly more reflective of most people's real relationship with the saint... watch this space!

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