Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Hymns of the Week: 10th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year C

After all the liturgical excitment (is that a thing?) of the last few weeks, we're back to Ordinary Time now...

Entrance: The Lord's my Shepherd (not this week's psalm, and there aren't even any sheep in the readings, but it fits the general theme! Also, I like it...)
Offertory: Blest are You, Lord
Communion: Do Not Be Afraid
Recessional:Amazing Grace

True story: last week, I ended up changing three of the hymns twenty minutes before the start of Mass because I hadn't had time to practice and needed things I could actually play. Here's hoping things go a bit better (read: no-one develops a tummy bug or, worse, man-flu) this week.

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