Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Year of Finishing Projects, ep. 1

One of my resolutions for this year is to finish some of the (many) craft projects I have on the go... and hopefully make a bit more space in my craft cupboard. The sewing machine is supposed to live in there, but it has been sat out on top of a bookcase for... (ahem)... a while.

So, I actually finished something yesterday...

A  braided rag rug I've been making for my sister's new house. I've made a few in the past (this is no. 4), but this is the first rectangular one, made by sewing braided strips together. I do them by hand since my sewing machine can't cope with that thickness of fabric, so it's time-consuming, but also fairly mindless - the kind of thing you can do with three small children around (not something you can say about many craft projects!). It was meant to be a Christmas present... well, it's still sort of Christmas until Candlemass, right?

A little closeup: 

 (I tried using this as a blog background, but the file's too big).

One down, lots to go!

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