Friday, 29 January 2016

Seven Quick Takes, ep. 1: The Beginning

Linking up with Kelly for SQT...

seven quick takes friday 2 

1. This weekend, Ze Husband is taking Mx to see their First Ever Pantomime. I think she's old enough to appreciate it this year, and he's never been to one (it's not a Thing in France), so it will be a valuable cultural experience (ahem). Also, him taking her means I don't have to go. WIN. (Lots of people, lots of noise, confined space - NOT my thing at all). I'll let you know how that goes.

2. The sewing machine has gone on strike. I suspect it may have been reading this blog and realised what it was in for over the next few months. Grrrr.

3. Mx and R moved into bunk beds this week - big change! R is enjoying actually being able to GET OUT OF HIS BED far, far too much.

4. We got a bag of brussels sprouts in the veg box a couple of weeks ago, and we're still battling through them - I've been playing hide-the-sprout and sneaking a couple into almost everything we eat. Les gn'enfants haven't noticed yet - ha!

5. As of next week (Monday, with any luck), I'm going to start posting hymn ideas for the following Sunday. I'd love it if other people could share their ideas, too, with the aim of eventually producing a full set of recommendations for the three years of the liturgical cycle. Obviously (d'oh), this will take three years, but I'm up for the challenge!

6. It's 4pm here and it's already nearly dark. At times like this, I really miss living 1000 miles further south.

7. Only 2 more days until the next episode of War and Peace is on! Woohoo!

Happy weekend, internets.


  1. Yay your first Quick Takes! Thanks for joining! And you'll have to share your brussels sprouts secret recipes. People would pay good money for that information!

  2. Thanks for dropping by! I'm not sure any of the sprout-hiding activities can really be classed as a recipe - it mostly just involves chopping them up reeeeeally small and/or blending them ;)